I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey over the past year, where he played a pivotal role in advancing our digital communications. Jeffrey is an eager, hands on marketing professional, who looks for the best solution for any problem thrown his way. A great attitude focused on doing what’s right, always.
— Wander Bruijel, Former Global Brand, Marketing & Communications Director, EY
Jeffrey worked for me at EY to lead our digital marketing efforts for the firm’s largest, multi-billion dollar service line. Jeffrey has an incredible amount of energy, passion, and creativity in the digital space and was an asset to our team.

I depended on Jeffrey for his insights and recommendations. He’s a strong digital marketing professional and helped our team achieve new levels.
— Dr. Dawn Mueller, Former Global Assurance Brand & Marketing Director, EY
Jeffrey is a great person to work with. He’s creative, hard-working and enthusiastic. He would be an asset to any team.
— Mike Thatcher, Global Content Management Associate Director, EY
Jeffrey is a very smart, well spoken and hard working colleague in the marketing field. He challenges common wisdom in a respectful manner, and his recommendations, guidance and creativity are far advanced for his number of years of experience. I valued working with him and I miss it.
— Beth Saunders, Former Americas Strategic Communications Chairman, FTI Consulting
Jeffrey is a great employee and a person that everyone on the team could always rely upon to get the job done - and get it done well. He is detail-oriented, creative and driven, consistently developing smart and unique strategies for marketing the business and identifying opportunities to reach new audiences. Jeffrey is a very strong, highly-qualified marketing professional.
— Chris Kettmann, Former Strategic Communications Managing Director, FTI Consulting
During Jeffrey’s time at FTI Consulting he quickly became an expert in marketing for the strategic communications segment. Due to his knowledge of the social media and web tactics, he was a diligent contributor to social and website content - ensuring the information was kept current.

Jeffrey performed well under the most pressured environments and always maintained a professional and “can-do” attitude. He is still highly regarded by his former peers and management due to his organizational, project management and communication skills. Jeffrey is a talented individual who would be an asset to any team.
— Alicia Jones, Global Web Marketing Senior Director, FTI Consulting
One of the most pleasant, detail-oriented, follow-through people with whom I’ve ever worked. Always asking to help, always follows up, great with clients, great with creative types, great with Type-A personalities — really, he’s gifted in knowing how to handle it all. Highly recommended — from lowly tasks to strategic thinking, he brings his A-game to everything he does.
— Katie Adams, Midwest SVP & Managing Director, MSLGROUP
Jeffrey is a great team player. He never shies away from rolling up his sleeves and digging into the task at hand. His ability to organize, present and create materials quickly with minimal supervision was very welcome many a late night and early mornings. Beyond the nuts and bolts of getting work done, he is a strategic thinker beyond his years. He stays on top of trends, emerging technologies and digital innovations with an eye for applying them in everyday situations. I’m happy to have worked with him and hope to again.
— Jason Steinberg, Former Midwest SVP & Digital Strategy Director, MSLGROUP
Jeffrey is the ultimate professional. He is always approaching work with an extremely positive, can-do attitude and delivers the highest quality work product in a timely manner. He is exceptionally reliable and always goes the extra mile to help colleagues. A professional well beyond his years, it was a pleasure to work with Jeffrey!
— Alexandra Peterson, Former Americas Business Development Director, MSLGROUP